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— by Apostle Symon Kariuki Apostle Symon Kariuki

2012 will be a year of exaltation, divine order and governance!

I the Lord will re-arrange align and put in order that which is out of place in the body of Christ. Judgment will begin in My house. There will be no more fooling around with the things of God for I will act fast.

My glory will once again begin to shine through My Church for I will purge and refine to the core. I am a Holy God! Have I not said I am coming for a Bride without spot or wrinkle!

The shepherds that have brought shame to My name will be disgraced! I will raise a new breed of Apostolic and Prophetic people that will bring a new and fresh dimension of My presence. They will establish My order and governance wherever they go and they will set the pace for the end-time revival. They will move with great speed and momentum in the spiritual realm. They will be amazing. They will destroy man-made religious barriers that hinder Me.

There will be a spiritual passing of the baton to those who have been in My chambers waiting for their time of fulfilled destiny. I, the Lord look at the heart and not as man sees. My choice for My special assignments will be questioned by even those in prominent positions in the religious circles but My choice will prevail.

My promises for Africa still stand but I am waiting for a generation like Daniel, Shadrack, Mechack and Abednego. They must arise and take their rightful place in the political, economic and spiritual world. Even as I preserved the earth because of Noah who was just, perfect and walked with Me; so shall I fulfill My promises for Africa because of the select few that consecrate themselves.

My level for establishment for the uncompromising believers will be phenomenal. I will distinguish the wheat from the tares. The tares will bow down and the wheat will stand out. There will be no more confusion.

I have heard the cry for My people and I am sending help from Zion. There will be a lot of angelic visitations like the time of Jacob when there was a ladder to heaven with angels descending and ascending (Genesis 28). The shackles of many bound will be broken miraculously and they will walk to their freedom rejoicing.