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— by symonkariuki symonkariuki
Grace to you and peace from God the father.
We have found a conference center for sale where we can establish a prayer and retreat center, the apostolic and prophetic institute as well as reside there.
The price is 5 million rand. We can initially rent for R46000 per month with option to buy if we pay a deposit of R250000.  We are however convinced that God will orchestrate an outright purchase of this property without having to deal with monthly mortgage repayments. This is the God we serve.
We are convinced beyond reasonable doubt that God is giving us this place.
Since we saw Abbey Garden, we have been compelled to intercede earnestly in regard to possessing the property; and we are convinced that we need to occupy the place in order to activate the supernatural provision we are awaiting.
The God who provided supernaturally for Abraham on top of Mount Moriah will respond to us without delay as we seek His Face in regard to the matter. We have asked Abba Father to pay the bill for Abbey Garden and He will do so, in Jesus name.
The following signs have confirmed that this is the right decision;
 During the forty day fast we were on, God showed me (Symon) a farm with outhouses ready for occupation.
 We have spent quality time at Abbey Garden calling forth our mountain like Caleb did. (The property is on top of a mountain)
 Abbey Garden is situated on 8 and a half hectares, giving us liberty to expand as resources allow.
 Abbey Garden has an already existing sanctuary ready for use. It hosts 200 people. (This is a sign that the work can begin immediately)
 The place has several self-contained rooms suitable for those coming for fasting and prayer. (40 days, 21 days, 7 days, 3 days etc)
 Abbey Garden has a catering and dining facility with a fully equipped kitchen and several dining areas.
 Abbey Garden has several smaller conference rooms that will facilitate apostolic and prophetic training.
 Abbey Garden has a well defined office block for administration purposes.
 There is a swimming pool that was designed as a baptismal pool. This speaks volumes.
 There is an enclosed garden that was used as a prayer altar by the currents owner’s grandmother.
 The peace of God that is our hearts regarding Abbey Garden is overwhelming confirmation.
 There are scriptures that have been engraved in the master-en-suite bathroom (in the main house) that have served as further confirmation.
 There is an elevated terrace where one can view the surroundings, lending itself beautifully to a prayer tower.
And so much more.
The Lord spoke to us about the need to take a huge leap of faith like the four lepers in 2 Kings 7:1-end (because of the financial implications involved in Abbey Garden). To this end, I (Symon) embarked on a 21-day fast from Tuesday 6th September 2011 to focus on Abbey Garden to speak to the principalities that were holding the resources for this facility.
We have asked the Lord to speak to and direct people to contribute to this initiative. If you feel led to be a part of this Kingdom venture, please do get in touch with us for further details.
May the Lord visit you in a supernatural way and open the windows of heaven to receive your blessing even as we receive ours!
In His Mandate,
Apostle Symon and Carole Kariuki