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— by Myra Myra
Hello Pastor. I first saw you last night on One Gospel, and although I didn't catch everything, I think I got enough to demand my attention. We are on the Daniel fast right now. Four years ago The Father Himself came to rescue me from myself. Even as I right this mail,I feel the Presence of God over me. The reason I got onto the site is because I somehow know this prophecy. I don't know if you understand, but I know it from somewhere deep inside of me.
Pastor I simlpy love what KANAP stands for. Help me, teach me with this that I have inside. I do believe that there is a birthing that is about to take, however I personally want to be in a clean, well equiped delivery room, with my Chief Physician there to give my directly form His hand to mine.
We see things not as they are, BUT as we are>>mmmm