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Prophetic Word for 2011
— by Symon Kariuki Symon Kariuki
Year 2011 will be a year of long awaited breakthroughs, seasons of refreshing and indelible breakthroughs.

I the Lord will begin to move in ways my children have NOT KNOWN before. There will be many surprises. For My ways are past finding out (Rom 11:33). I will break forth like a mighty river in the wilderness (Isa 41:18-19).

It will be a season of refreshing for those who have been waiting upon me (Acts 3:19). I will not only quench the longings for My people but I will cause My people to enter into a season of the latter rain (Deut 11:14-16).

My children will rejoice at My doings! I will overshadow them with My goodness in a manner they have not experienced before (Psa 107:31). Long awaited breakthroughs will begin to manifest in unprecedented ways. Women that have been long waiting for the fruit of the womb will give birth, doors that have been long closed will open, finances that have long delayed will be availed, prayers that have long remained unanswered will be answered, souls that have long been in darkness will be saved and so much more. I the Lord will do it.

This will be My prerogative. It will not depend on anything you do but it will be an act of My lovingkindness and mercy (Exo 33:19). I will be gracious.

As I display My grace to My children,  I will begin to display My wrath to the sons of Belial (2 Sam 23:6-7). Those that have despised My ways will begin to encounter destruction, frustration and pain in ways like never before.

I will once again raise Men like John the Baptist who will cry saying "Repent for the Kingdom of God is at hand" (Matt 4:17). They will be uncompromising in there message. They will look eccentric, old fashioned in they're approach to the Gospel. They will be unpopular to the adulterated Church, for they will be calling for a returning, pointing at sin and taking us back to the Cross. Beware that you do not reject My prophets.

The saints will begin to take possession of that which the wicked have collected and gathered for years (Ecc 2:26). This, however, will only come to those that I have tested and found faithful (Isa 48:10-11). For many still worship the God of mammon though they profess to be My people (Matt 6:24).

I will raise the Jehu kind of anointing in the echelons of power to clean the idolatry (2 Kings 9:30-37). My plans for the restoration of the continent of Africa have not changed despite the turmoils you see. For I am working behind the scenes and in the fullness of time I will manifest My glory.

Take the posture of birthing and let the midwives take they're place.