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Fasting is denying yourself something you have a right of using for a divine purpose. For example, you can deny yourself food in order to seek God.  It is deactivating the natural man and activating your spirit man. It is a time of consecration, dedication, intense prayer and meditation. (Daniel 6:18, Psalms 109:24, Daniel 9:3).
Fasting usually goes with prayer. Fasting without prayer is a hunger strike and is of no value. Prayer is connecting with God in an intimate way. It is not only talking to God but learning to listen to God. I believe that God has so much to say to us but we do not accord him the opportunity to speak to us. During the fast one learns to wait on God. (Psalms 27:14, Isaiah 40:31, Psalms 130:5).
Fasting can be done for different periods of time. For example, Esther and the Jews fasted for three days. Daniel fasted for twenty one days etc. Numbers in the Bible speak of different things. Three speaks of divine perfection, seven speaks of spiritual perfection, ten speaks of human perfection, twelve speaks of governmental perfection and forty speaks of trial and probation. (Esther 4:16, Exodus 34:28, Luke 4:2).
Fasting for forty days is therefore fundamental for anybody who will be qualified for any important task from God. It is the probation God has put before launching one into a specific purpose. If you fast for forty days with the full understanding of what it entails, your life will be radically changed and you will qualify for some important task.  Fasting for forty days legalistically or without understanding might leave you in the same state of affairs. (Isaiah 58)
Fasting for forty days is fundamental for anyone who wants to leave a legacy in their generation. The three key historical figures that left a remarkable legacy on the Mount of Transfiguration had forty days as the common denominator. In the Mount of Transfiguration, Moses was representing the law, Elijah the prophets and Jesus Christ the New Testament.  (Luke 9:32-35).
I believe that forty days transfigures one from a state of helplessness, despair, oppression, frustration, lack of fulfillment and defeat to a glorious state of affairs. Your life cannot remain the same when you go through the forty days. You will surely transition from a larva to a butterfly in Jesus name. Amen.
Fasting for forty days is also crucial when it comes to dealing with strongholds, generational curses, recurring problems or impossible situations. Beelzebub is the other name of Satan. Beelzebub means the Lord of the flies. Flies are symbolic of demons. Flies have forty days reproductive cycle. If you want to kill a generation of flies, spray them for forty days continuously. That is what demonic strongholds in our lives need; intense prayer for forty days. Something will break and we shall be free. Praise the Lord and glory halleluiah. (Matthew 12:28, Luke 11:15-19)
The supernatural realm of the spirit is also activated during the forty days of fasting. Your spiritual eyes open to see the third heavens or the Holy of holies. When I first did my forty days fast some years ago, that is when I first saw angels. My eyes opened in an incredible manner. During the forty days fast, is when I first understood the “now apostolic”. My capacity to receive the things of the spirit increased in a tremendous manner. It is almost like I was given a new hard drive with phenomenal space and speed. (Eph 1:17-19)
In order to make the forty days impactful and enriching; you need to prepare to deny themselves many physical things in order to gain spiritual things.  Fasting for 40 days will be very useful if those days are fully focused on God. It is a time when one needs to deliberately seek God in much more intense manner. Any obstacles should be noted and dealt with. (Mark 9:29, 1 Corinthians 7:5, Joel 2:28)
In order to maximize this time; you need a journal, a bible, pure worship cd’s and a conducive environment. Watching Television during this period of fasting can be a hindrance. Even when it comes to watching Christian channels. It is a time of fine tuning your hearing. It is fundamental you write your thoughts, impressions, visions, dreams, promptings and scriptures that speak to you down. God speaks using different mediums. (Job 33:14-17).
The forty days of fasting should involve the following; A time of repentance, introspection and consecration. Anything that comes to mind that needs to be laid on the altar should be prayed for. It is a time of releasing those that have hurt you, offended you and spitefully used you. It is a time of letting go of the baggage of the past and asking God for a new beginning. (1 John 1:8-10, Jeremiah 18:8, Luke 13:3).
The forty days of fasting should involve intense praise and worship. The forty days is a time of having an intense love affair with Jesus Christ. Worshipping God in the best way one knows how can lead to incredible moments with God during these forty days. One doesn’t need to be an expert in praise and worship for God is looking at the state of our hearts.  (John 4:23).
During the forty days; one should take time to pray for things that are in the heart of God. One should not be selfish. For example, pray for the peace of Jerusalem and Israel. Pray for the Church to be holy and mature. Pray for God’s servants. Pray for widows, orphans and needy. Pray for your nation. Pray for your family and relatives etc.  God will look at these factors when He is answering your prayers. (Ezekiel 22:30).
Pray for yourself during these forty days. Draw an outline of important aspects of your life and petition God for His guidance. Plead with Him for mercy, grace, restoration and a breakthrough. Don’t push your own agenda on your petitions but be open for the leading of the Holy Spirit. (Phil 4:6-8, Matt 7:7-8, James 4:3)
Don’t forget to have a long list of things to thank God for during these forty days. Look back from whence the Lord has brought you from and thank Him for thus far He has brought you. Recognize His help. (1 Samuel 7:12, 1 Chronicles 6:16, Ephesians 1:16)
Do some intense spiritual warfare against the forces of darkness. Declare war and use spiritual weapons to fight the works of the devil in your life and situation. Travail, groan, pray in the spirit where possible and do all manner of intercession as the spirit leads. (2 Corinthians 10:4-5, John 16:21, Jeremiah 9:20)
Ask the Holy Spirit for a fresh infilling of the Holy Spirit and spend quality time praying in the spirit. Pray in all manner of tongues as the spirit gives you utterance.  This will bring seasons of refreshing. (Ephesians 6:18).
Spend quality time listening to God. Sleep on the floor where possible. Use all manner of praying postures during this journey of prayer. Wake up in the wee hours to seek God. Do Holy Communion everyday reminding you of Christ’s crucifixion, burial and resurrection.  Your victory is rooted on this covenant. Anoint yourself with dedicated olive oil as a prophetic sign. Write down all the prophetic words that have been spoken over your life and pray them through. (Psalms 57:8, 2 Peter 1:19)
During the 40 days of fasting; minimize socializing.
Right from the beginning ask God on how you should fast. The first fast I did, I drank quality juice and soup from the bones for the forty days. You can decide to do fruits for the forty days or vegetables. Allow the Holy Spirit to lead you. Don’t indulge yourself.
You might feel dizzy after the first week or very weak or you might dream of food. It is normal. Don’t give up, ask for the help of the Holy Spirit. Man shall not live by bread a lone but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of the Lord. It is God that sustains us and not food.
Be aware that the devil will try to distract your fast in many ways. Pray for the protection of your loved ones during the forty days fast.  Cover your assets with the blood of Jesus Christ and guard your heart.  (1 Peter 5:8, 2 Corinthians 2:11, Proverbs 4:23)
Read the word of God religiously and speak it over your life during these forty days of fasting. Speak His promises over your life. (Psalms 119:50, Psalms 119:74, Psalms 119:148).
Fasting will cause you to be very sensitive to everything that is not Godly. You might also be irritable so avoid arguments.
 I pray that God will reveal Himself in incredible ways as you engage on this important journey. May these forty days completely change your life. (1 Corinthians 2:9, Romans 12:1-2).
May the Lord richly bless you and guide you.
Let me know if there is anything else that you want me to address on the subject matter.
I will be praying for you and pray for me as well.
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