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On this day the 9-9-09, I am completing my birthing process. The labor pains will be no more. There will be a visible manifestation of that which has been hidden. It shall spring forth and it will be wonderful to behold. Joy shall be fully manifested in your life.

I will do a wonder in the heavens and it shall be manifested on the earth. That which will be manifested will be glorious and supernatural. I am the God who does wonders. I will surprise those that have been waiting for me. They will see the manifestation of my goodness in a manner they have not experienced before.

I will usher you to a new season of life, even now. Don’t say that you have had that before and nothing happened. For this is the hour for my manifestation. This is the hour for the last stroke before the breakthrough.

This is a defining moment. The things I will do now; no eye has seen, nor ear heard. The place you are coming to you’ve not been there before. It’s a new place full of treasures. Will you not perceive that I am doing a new thing this hour? I am making a way in the wilderness, I am opening the heavens before you, I am opening doors that no man can shut, and I am breaking the siege of the enemy around you.

Seize the moment. Don’t be slack in my hour of visitation. Capture my heartbeat for the hour. For I am the God of seasons. It is the fullness of time. Even as Abraham waited for me for the fulfillment of a promise; this is the hour to fulfill my promises to you. This is the hour to enter into a covenant of blessing with you.

Don’t laugh and think that the things I have spoken to you are impossible. I will hasten to perform my word over your life. I will surely perform my word over your life. Don’t fear for you have found favor in my sight. You are mine and I will use you as my honorable instrument.

Because I am God, the things I do in your life will bear the mark of my presence. So that the sons of men will know that this is my doing. They shall greatly fear me because of the signs, wonders and miracles I will perform.

Africa arise. This is your hour. You will laugh last. I will use the foolish things of this world to confound the wise. Africa, even as you have been looked down in disdain, they will begin to look you with wonder for the things that I will do in your midst and through you. Instead of shame – My Grace, reproach – My recommendation and oppression – My liberation.

(I received the above prophetic word when I was in prayer on the 09-09-09 around 11am. I was gearing up to go preach in a Breakthrough Meeting at Central Parish of RCCG in Abuja Nigeria. I believe it is a word for you, for the body of Christ and for the continent of Africa. Receive it and pray it through in Jesus name. Ap. Symon Kariuki – KANAP)

Symon Kariuki
Kingdom Age Network of Apostles and Prophets
PO Box 13754