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A week ago, the Lord woke me up to pray in the wee hours of the morning. He laid a burden to pray for a particular family that is going through major challenges. God informed me that the family had disregarded their spiritual lifeline, hence the subsequent trouble they were experiencing. From that morning of prayer, I have been meditating on the subject of lifelines and spiritual fathers. I sense a powerful connection of the two.

My understanding on this matter is that in every generation, every nation, every family and all spheres of life, God will put in place lifelines. I believe the most important lifeline of all is your spiritual lifeline. A spiritual lifeline is the person that God has set in your path to be your spiritual covering, your source of spiritual blessings and your prosperity.
We must realize that our prosperity in whatever facet of human living, is connected to someone somewhere.  God raised Joseph as a lifeline for his family (Genesis 37). He eventually became the source of all the blessings and prosperity the family would experience. His qualification as a lifeline did not come easy; his brothers and sisters were filled with envy and jealousy, they put him into a pit and sold him as a slave. In the foreign land, he was falsely accused and put into prison. Because of God’s favor and calling upon his life, he eventually occupied the position of a lifeline for his family. Josephs’ family became the nation of Israel and so Joseph was a lifeline for the nation of Israel.  His brothers and those that persecuted him realized that Joseph had been raised as a savior, provider and protector for them (Gen 50:20). I believe that in every family and nation, God will always raise a lifeline for the safety, protection and provision of that family and nation. We cannot afford to alienate, persecute, undermine, sideline or ignore those that God is raising as our lifelines. A lifeline is a savior, provider and succor.
In the scriptures you will see lifelines of questionable repute. For example, Joshua sends two men to Jericho to spy the land before destroying it. They are met by Rahab, a prostitute, who becomes a lifeline for her family (Joshua 2). Because of her sensitivity, kindness & protection for these two spies, she became the succor & deliverer of her family. She put a red ribbon around her house as advised by the spies and her family did not perish with the others. She helped lifelines and she herself became a lifeline.

Ruth on the other hand is married to a Jewish man who dies.  She realizes that her mother –in-law is her Lifeline, and she clings to her for dear life (Ruth 1-4). She was a heathen woman, clinging to a foreign mother-in-law and her “foreign” God. This was bold, an act of faith and great conviction. These are her words; “Entreat me not to leave thee, or to return from following after thee: for whither thou goest, I will go; and where thou lodgest, I will lodge: thy people shall be my people, and thy
God my God: Where thou diest, will I die, and there will I be buried: the LORD do so to me, and more also, if ought but death part thee and me.”
What amazing commitment. This is the kind of commitment that God is looking for. I am sure your spiritual lifeline would cherish such a commitment. I guess Ruth knew that her destiny was tied to her mother-in-law.  Because of her connection to Naomi and to the God of Naomi, she ended up securing another amazing lifeline, Boaz. Boaz became her husband, a father figure and covering for Ruth. Boaz was the ultimate lifeline for Ruth, but she would have missed it if she had not recognized her mother-in-law as the foundational lifeline. I wonder how many of us miss our lifeline because of racial, tribal, educational, economic, age, denominational, social biases and prejudices.
Without Jesus Christ, we have no life. He, who has the Son, has life. Jesus is the way, the truth and the life. Joseph, Rahab, Naomi & Boaz were prototypes of the ultimate lifeline, Jesus Christ. When we receive Jesus Christ in our hearts, we receive eternal life. For Him to qualify as our eternal lifeline, He gave His life on the cross and resurrected. He appointed five lifelines in Ephesians 4:11-16. His life was to flow in the following manner, first to the Apostles and Prophets, then to the Evangelists, Pastors & teachers and finally to the whole body of Christ.
The lifeline of Christ has been tampered with and the flow of His life is not as it should be. The pipe has been cut and an important component has been removed. We no longer have or understand the role of the apostles and prophets and hence the lack of vitality and strength of the life of Christ in the Church.
Currently, my family and I live on top of hills in Pretoria. The view is incredible; the air fresh, and yet our cell phone signal is very weak because of the hills. Similarly, I believe that the life of Christ is very weak in people’s lives because we have tampered with the apostolic and prophetic lifeline. The moment the Church restores this important component, we shall experience the fullness of Christ. The signal will be very good.
Jesus Christ in His earthly ministry remained deeply connected to His Father. He was submitted to His lifeline. He did nothing without the blessing of His Father. John 5:19  Then answered Jesus and said unto them, Verily, verily, I say unto you, The Son can do nothing of Himself, but what He seeth the Father do: for what things soever He doeth, these also doeth the Son likewise.
We see Jesus Christ submitting Himself to the Father. This was the secret of the vitality of the life of Christ. He was submitted, He consulted, He was instructed, He honored His father, He did His Father’s business & He received from the Father. This should be our attitude and spiritual disposition towards our spiritual lifeline.
A spiritual lifeline ought to be submitted himself. He needs to be man or woman under authority. I believe the deficiency of spiritual fathers in our generation spells out why there is so much misery in our lives. We have many preachers, instructors, bishops etc but very few spiritual fathers. It is possible to biologically sire a child and not be a father to him or her. We are living in a fatherless generation. The orphan spirit is ruining many lives. A spiritual father is a lifeline.
Where do you fit in the spiritual lifeline? God the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit,
Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors, Teachers and then the Church. We need to know where we fit in the equation and play our part satisfactorily. We all have a part to play. Ultimately our submission is to God, but we cannot ignore the other offices instituted. They are our lifelines and we need to be properly aligned in order to maximize our destiny like Jesus Christ did. We all need to be accountable irrespective of where we are placed.
In Genesis 14:18-20, we see Abraham with Melchizedek. I believe Melchizedek was the lifeline of Abraham. A lifeline comes in handy for you when you’ve just come from a battle like Abraham. He was hungry, exhausted, emotionally drained, hurting & wounded. He meets Melchizedek who provides bread, wine and blessing to Abraham. He meets Abrahams' needs. He feeds him, energizes him, emotionally uplifts him, and he cleans and heals his wounds and so much more. This is the role of your spiritual lifeline. Abraham on the other hand gives him a tithe of all the spoils. We have an obligation to our spiritual lifeline to tithe to them like Abraham did.
There is a connection between the bread, the wine, the blessing and the tithe. A tithe is 10% of your income and increase. I believe the tithe activates the bread, the wine and the blessing. The bread is symbolic of the word of God, wine – anointing and the Holy Spirit and the blessing – all manner of graces. It would be unfair to continue to receive the bread, wine and blessing if you did not tithe to your lifeline. I believe the person who plays the role of a spiritual father to you ought to receive the tithe and nobody else.
I am aware that many people are hiding in big Churches and they are no accountable to anyone. It is possible to be a member of a Church and not have a lifeline. It’s much more than sitting under the ministry of the word; it’s much more personal and intimate. You need to find your spiritual lifeline. They may not necessary be the senior pastor of your Church. These are the people who are there for you, you can trust them, you can share details of your life, they believe in you, they can rebuke you and they are capable of guiding you through life.
May the Lord show us our lifelines and spiritual fathers in Jesus Christ Name. May the Lord raise lifelines and spiritual fathers in our generation in Jesus Christ Name. May the orphan spirit be cast out to the bottomless pit in Jesus Christ name. Lord God, help us to submit, consult, receive instruction and rebuke gracefully, teach us to honor them in the Lord.

Symon Kariuki
Kingdom Age Network of Apostles and Prophets
PO Box 13754