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On the night of 16th of June 2009, at about 3am, I woke up with a very prayerful spirit. I spent the rest of the night in prayer. SABC was heavy on my heart and I prayed for the organization earnestly. The next day, I shared the burden with Executive Board of South Africa Prayer Movement for Change whilst deliberating on other issues pertaining to the prayer movement. We prayed for SABC intently.

This burden has now grown to the extent where I feel obliged to submit a humble request to you. I am asking all the people of South Africa to pray and fast for the organization for 3 days from 29th June to 1st July. All employees should refrain from eating 3 meals and should eat only one meal a day for the proposed three days. During these three days; we should seek God for forgiveness for anything that has been done selfishly, maliciously or with evil intent within SABC, secondly, all should pray for wisdom, direction and selection for the right board members and executive management, thirdly, for God to intervene in the financial situation of the organization and for all the debts to be paid, fourthly, for all the employees’ concerns for salary increment and working conditions to be addressed amicably and satisfactory, fifthly for SABC to achieve its vision and to impact the nation and the continent of Africa and lastly for any other concerns not adequately addressed.

On day one the first two items can be addressed, On the second day the second two items can be addressed and on the third day the last two items can be addressed.

It is my conviction that if the people heed this call of prayer, God will intervene and put the national broadcaster back on track. South Africa is 80% Christian and we expect that this call will receive positive response from the majority of the nation.

Thanking you in advance for all the support you will render in this call to prayer.

In His Mandate,

Apostle Symon Kariuki


Kingdom Age Network of Apostles and Prophets (KANAP)

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